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Khajurao Statues
Manufactures & Exporters of Natural Regional Sand Stones & Pure White Marble Carved Sculptures & Temple Statues.
All statues supplied by us are replicas and of recent make.
Khajurao StatuesKhajurao StatuesKhajurao Statues Khajurao Statues
Disclaimer Khajurao
This site is designed, updated and maintained to give the buyers an insight into the excellence of Indian craftsmanship. All content on this site is the copyright of PRAVESH BEDI & SONS

The product specifications (weight, size, color etc.) mentioned with the product photos are only approximate. All the products featured in the site are handcrafted items. There may, hence, be a slight variation in the pictures and the respective product s. This Company, in its absolute discretion, may deliver a similar / alternate product for reasons or exigencies beyond its control.

For customized designs we take 50% advance and balance against delivery through bank/as per mutual understanding and as per Indian Govt. / RBI guidelines for exporters and deliveries are subject to any major-de-jour (unforeseeable circumstances). All Statues are hand carved and thus change in sizes cause change in replicas.

We take advance payment with confirmed order and have no refund or return policy on goods once shipped to their destination. That prices are quoted as per understanding . Door-Delivery Charges are extra at actual.

REMITTANCES are Accepted through Bank & PayPal
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